Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to attend the International Conference “Non-conventional yeasts: from basic research to applications” to be held in the Polish city of Rzeszow on May 15-18, 2018 (see: http://nonconventionalyeasts20

Rzeszow is located in South-Eastern Poland, close to Slovakian and Ukrainian borders and is recognized as the city with the largest number of students per capita in Europe. It is also one of the most comfortable cities for living in Poland. The conference is to be held in the Convention Center of the University of Rzeszow – just before the Lancut Music Festival, which is one of the most popular events in Polish cultural life. The Music Festival will be held in Lancut Palace, which is located only 15 km from Rzeszow.

The conference “Non-conventional yeasts: from basic research to applications” has been organized under auspices of the International Commission on Yeasts. Previous conferences on this topic were organized in Weimar, Germany, and Lviv, Ukraine. The Rzeszow conference will gather scientists working with the world of non-Saccharomyces yeasts, which includes more than 1500 species.

Among these are many species with peculiar properties such as the capacity to metabolize unusual substrates or accumulate unusual products. Other species are known for unique regulation of some metabolic processes or are convenient model organisms to study different aspects of cell biology. So there will be many topics of basic and applied research to be discussed during the meeting such as cell biology and biotechnology. The International Scientific Committee of the conference includes well-known scientists working with non-conventional yeasts in many aspects.

Organizers are also preparing a rich cultural and social program, which includes Rzeszow city tour, a welcome concert, get-together party, and banquet. Optional tours include visiting local castles and palaces, tour to Cracow, Lviv (Ukraine) or attending the Lancut music festival, which starts on May 19, 2018.

I invite you to attend this conference, to present your materials and to be enriched with much intriguing information obtained on non-conventional yeasts of fundamental and applied character.

Best regards,

Andriy Sibirny